Hashish Freaking Out

Freaking Out is when the dosage is too high, there can be negative effects like anxiety and panic attacks. One also can become dizzy, nauseated or faint. When hash is taken in combination with speed, temporary paranoia might set in. If this happens to you, the best thing to do is: Wait until it passes by itself. However, if it happens to someone else, you can try to calm that person down.

Behavior of Users Freaking Out on Hashish

Wear shades or sunglasses to hide bloodshot eyes Change their friends Decline in school academics and performance at the workplace Secretive Suffer from a loss of motivation and interest in life Not able to perform simple tasks Less socially interactive Constant Déjà vu Self-absorbed Sloppy Loud talk and laughter

Hashish Freaking Out Withdrawal Symptoms

Anxiety Craving Depression Headaches Irritability Nausea Restlessness Sleep disturbances Sweating Stomach upset
Hashish like marijuana is classified as a psychoactive drug, it elevates the users mood, promotes optimism, relaxation and the blossoming of hope, faith, and humor. Hashish eases tensions, reduces stress, and often induces a positive mental attitude, furthermore hashish also heightens your senses as your perceptual fields become more sensitive to detail. Colors and their contrasts become brighter, and more vivid. Sounds have greater depth, are cleaner and the harmonies they produce are more pronounced. This leads to a certain fascination of music often accompanied with the use of marijuana. Cannabis also intensifies physical awareness and alters ones sense of time (an hour may feel like two or three).

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